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Reciprocal Arrangements

Ballot Procedures

Members are asked to complete a ballot with four names and indicate the course and date that they would like to play.  Ballots are to be submitted to the Pro Shop.  A draw for the tee times will be made twice each month for all times.

Please contact the Pro Shop to see the full list of tee times.

University Club of Toronto


Another exciting opportunity comes through our affiliation with the University Club of Toronto which is an outstanding downtown club on the edge of the theatre district and close to the Rogers Centre.  Our reciprocal arrangement with them gives BCC members daily access to their fine club facilities along with access to their overnight rooms which are more than reasonably priced.  If you are planning that trip into Toronto with family or friends and want a great location to dine or stay overnight, this is a wonderful benefit. 
University Club of Toronto
380 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1R6
Phone: (416) 597-1336

We are pleased to announce that you have the opportunity to enhance the benefits that you now receive from the Club. You may now add the International Club Network (ICN) to your club benefits and gain worldwide privileged access to private clubs, virtually anywhere you may travel. This goes far beyond any reciprocal clubs now available to you. Private clubs of all types, such as golf, country, racquet, athletic, city, yacht, and ski clubs are now open to you to make your business trips more productive and your vacations more enjoyable. ICN has approximately 250 affiliated private clubs in 20 countries, and will contact private clubs on your behalf wherever you may go even if they are not listed as being affiliated with ICN, making this benefit virtually unlimited.

International Club Network (ICN)