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Junior Coaching Programs

Spring 2021

To Barrie CC Junior Golfers and Parents,
Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to coach your kids. We really look forward to providing them with a SAFE, FUN and DYNAMIC golf coaching experience.
Kids learn differently than adults. In addition to the right equipment, kids need a balanced
program to keep them excited and challenged in the game. Too much instruction can turn them away from golf. Too little, and they can become frustrated, develop poor swing habits, and even lose interest.
Our Active Start Programs will include: Sunday Afternoon Skills Clinics, Junior Golf Camps and Private Coaching. These programs are designed for Junior Golfers aged 5 to 13, that are relatively new to the game and are ready to learn.  Focus will be on having fun as we build the golf skills required to play this great game. Great for kids just getting started with playing golf that are eager to learn.
Our Strive for Excellence Programs will include: Train to Play, BCC Competitive Team Training and Private Coaching. These programs will provide dynamic instruction that works on building golf skills in a fun, effective way that will get results. Participants will engage with other junior members at the club, creating a real team learning environment.
We strive to make your child’s golf experience enjoyable while providing the right amount of instruction to set the stage for a proper swing and a good foundation to carry them for a lifetime. All coaching programs are in line with the PGA and Golf Canada.

Fred Davey
Head Teaching Professional


Sunday Afternoon Junior Clinics
Private Junior Coaching Programs

All Weekly Junior Camps for Summer 2021 Are Now Full


These dynamic programs will enable boys and girls to acquire the necessary fundamentals, skills, and confidence to succeed at this great game of golf! Programs will provide kids with an opportunity to receive professional, age- appropriate coaching and training in a fun and safe environment.

Train to Play (Ages 8-12)

Designed for Junior Golfers who may be just getting started or relatively new to the game.
  • Provides an opportunity for kids to learn through play in a stimulating environment.
  • Focus will be on having fun as we build golf skills required to play this great game.
  • Individual Lessons, Group Practice Sessions and On-Course Training.
*Due to Covid restrictions 1st Semester in May & June has been cancelled*

BCC Competitive Team (Ages 13-18)

Designed for Junior Golfers who have playing experience and tournament experience.
  • Program will focus on optimizing golf skills in relation to competitive expectations.
  • Individual lessons, Group Practice Sessions and On-Course Training.
  • Participants will engage with other juniors creating team learning environment.
To Register for Train to Play or BCC Competitive Team,
please email Fred Davey, Head Teaching Professional