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Junior Coaching Programs

Specialized coaching and skills development for Junior Golfers of all ages.
These dynamic programs will enable boys and girls to acquire the necessary fundamentals, skills and confidence to succeed at this great game of golf!
Programs will provide kids with an opportunity to receive professional, age appropriate coaching and training in a fun and safe environment.
Private Coaching:
Series of Five Coaching Sessions (30 min)              $269
Series of Ten Coaching Sessions (30 min)               $499
Group Junior Coaching sessions will provide dynamic instruction that works on building golf skills in a fun, effective way that will get results. Participants will engage with their friends and/or other Junior Members at the Club, creating a real team learning environment.
Group Coaching:
Bring a Friend       5 One Hour Sessions                 $249 per junior
Group of Three      5 One Hour Sessions                 $169 per junior
The Foursome       5 One Hour Sessions                 $129 per junior
 Fred Davey  
 PGA of Canada           
 Head Teaching Professional   
 Barrie Country Club Golf Academy
Cell: 416-970-4872