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Golf Program, Policies and Procedures

The Club House is a smoke free environment. Towels are for the shower only. Please do not remove them from the Club House or use them for shoe or club cleaning.

Pro Shop & Club Storage
The Pro Shop will be open twenty minutes before the first tee time until dusk during the golf season. The Club Storage remains open until all golfers have completed their play.
Use rules of courtesy with respect to others. Members and their Guests will conduct themselves at all times, whether on Club premises or involved with Club related activities, in a first class manner and shall respect the rights of other members, guests, Club staff and Club property.

Violations will be handled according to the Club’s Member Code of Conduct and may result in suspended privileges. It is requested that all members refrain from the use of bad language both on and off the golf course.
Pace of Play
Golf was not intended to be a slow game. In keeping with this spirit, the Barrie Country Club encourages ready golf and an awareness of your pace of play. Time Par is 4 hours and 10 minutes. Slow players are expected to give way to faster players, and if more than one hole ahead is clear, AND your group is behind Time Par you are considered Out of Position and MUST GIVE WAY and request those behind you to play through.

However, multiple groups consisting of twosomes and singles following threesomes and foursomes, if not waved through, are expected to either join up, or hold back if they wish to play as a single or twosome and “not push” the larger group ahead if the larger group is playing within Time Par. Club staff will marshal the course regularly.  Please maintain your position behind the group in front – not ahead of the group behind.

Time Par allows a brief stop to make use of Fairway Place before starting the next hole. Please maintain your position. Time clocks are posted on the course and everyone will be expected to maintain their Pace of Play. A three strike discipline policy is in effect. Should there be a verifiable complaint about someone’s Pace of Play or poor etiquette, the professional staff together with the Director of Golf, is directed to issue a verbal warning followed up by an etiquette report being filed with the Director of Golf.  The Director of Golf will in turn send a written notice to the member(s) involved. Should there be a second violation; the Board will suspend booking privileges for 1 week. Upon the event of a third violation, the member will be required to meet with the Discipline Committee of the Board to explain themselves with the potential penalty of losing playing privileges (duration and timing to be decided by the Discipline Committee). In the case of a serious on-course breach, the offending player or players may be asked to leave the course immediately and golf privileges may be indefinitely suspended pending review by the Discipline Committee. Members are also responsible for the etiquette and pace of play of their guests. This policy was developed by the Golf Committee and the Board of Directors in an effort to encourage a good Pace of Play and proper etiquette.
Course Care
Playability of the course and temporary rules governing use of carts rests with the Golf Course Superintendent. Only those power carts being used by member/guests with disabilities and displaying a cart flag will be allowed to bring their power cart beyond the start of the paved cart path or leave the cart path on a par 3. In no case should a power cart with a designated flag be driven betwen a greenside bunker and the putting green. When there are two disabled golfers in the same group, they must share a cart. At all times course conditions take priority and wet areas must be avoided. 

Keep electronic caddies off fringes and greens. Do not drive carts or electronic caddies between bunkers and greens. Repair and replace divots and ball marks. Rake all traps after use. Do not litter. Guide and control all guests. Obey all signs and follow pathways.
Respect all course staff in the performance of their duties. Do not play from or cross areas marked as ground under repair. Do not leave cigarette/cigar butts on the course, and place in an appropriate receptacle. Please participate in our "Working Together Program".

Regulations for Tee off Times
Tee times may be booked seven days a week. Five (5) day advance booking (after 8:00 a.m.). Juniors and Students may reserve three days in advance (after 8:00 a.m.). From May holiday weekend until Labour Day, the tee opens for reserved times at 7:30 a.m. weekdays and 6:30 a.m. weekends and holidays. (During shoulder season, the course will open at 7:00 a.m. weekends and holidays and 8:00 a.m. weekdays.) Telephone and online booking both begin at 8:00 a.m. daily. One booking per call/person is allowed for prime time golf only. Walk-on play is allowed up to 15 minutes prior to tee times starting. All early morning walk-ons are required to check in with the Pro Shop at the conclusion of their round.
Morning golf course maintenance takes precedence over play.
The Tee
Starting times shall be controlled by the Club Professional, an Assistant Professional or their designate. The Pro Shop assumes control of the 1st tee 15 minutes before scheduled start times. All players are to register with the Pro Shop. All play is to start from the first tee. No one is to start from the tenth tee unless the Pro Shop has authorized it. Players leaving the course for lunch, etc. forfeit their positions of play and must again obtain permission from the Pro Shop to start at the tenth tee.
Men's and Ladies’ Days
Tuesdays are designated as Ladies’ Day with the tee blocked for ladies 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Thursday is designated Men’s Day with the tee blocked for men
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (Senior play) and 12:00 p.m. -  6:00 p.m.
On either day, if the tee is open, walk on play by other members is accepted. Walk on traffic must be coordinated through the Pro-Shop.

No Show
All play is to be registered with the Pro Shop. If it involves a Guest, the Member and the Guest’s names are recorded. Unnamed spots will only be held on the reservation sheet up to 48 hours ahead of the tee off time. Names must be provided or the Pro Shop may reassign the time. The Pro Shop will record no-shows daily and repeat offenders risk the suspension of their golf privileges.
Guest Playing Privileges
The Pro Shop keeps a Guest registry and ALL Guests shall personally check-in with the Pro Shop prior to play and sign the registry. The hosting Member is to accompany their Guest and sign the registry as well. Guests shall be allowed to play at the club up to five times per season. All five rounds may be played with the same member, or a combination of members. Guests planning to play only nine holes may pay a nine hole rate at the Pro Shop. 

Weekends and Holidays: Members may sign-in the limit of one guest if playing prior to noon on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. A member may sign up to three guests at all other times.
Rain, Lightning and Severe Weather
In the event of severe, dangerous or damaging weather, or unplayable course conditions, the Club Professional, Club Superintendent, or in their absence, the Pro Shop will close the course. Players must IMMEDIATELY stop play of the course AND all practice areas. In the event of dangerous weather or course closure (e.g. unplayable conditions), the sounding of 1 long blast of the air horn will indicate temporary course and practice area closure and the need to seek shelter (clubhouse, maintenance buildings, on course buildings). Under the Rules of Golf, players may stop play any time they feel threatened by lightning regardless of whether the air horn has been sounded. Anyone not conforming is in violation of the course rules and may be disciplined under the discipline policy. When conditions clear to allow resumption of play, 3 short blasts of the air horn will be sounded to reopen the course. Golfers are entitled to resume play from their position on the course when play was suspended. Rain checks may be issued at the discretion of the Club Professional. 
**Violations will be dealt with under the Club’s Discipline Policy. Violators may lose their playing privileges.
Family Golf Time
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from noon to 2:00 p.m., a full golf member of the Club may play with his/her junior or student age sons or daughters. Other juniors or students may join if invited.
Children (6 - 10 years of age)
GOLF COURSE: Children will be allowed on the course after 5:00 p.m. on Weekends and Holidays only, under direct ‘one-on-one’ supervision of an adult member.
Putting Green
Children are allowed on the practice putting green at any time, but only under the direct ‘one-on-one’ supervision by an adult.
Practice Range
Children will only be allowed on the practice range Weekends and Holidays after 5:00 p.m. but only under the direct ‘one-on-one’ supervision by an adult member who does not have their clubs. Children are NOT allowed on the range as spectators.
Non-compliance with dress code, golf course rules, registration, rules of etiquette, code of conduct or tee starting rules could prohibit play at the discretion of the Club Professional or Pro Shop Staff.
Rules of Play
The rules and etiquette of golf as approved by the Royal Canadian Golf Association / Golf Canada are to be in effect except when modified by local rules. Interpretation of the rules and decisions regarding disputes are the responsibility of the Club Professional and/or Assistants.
Social Member Playing Privileges
Social Members must pay green fees, and may play the equivalent of 5 (five) 18 hole rounds per season. They may bring a guest for these rounds. For more information, please call the Business Office or Director of Golf.
Outside Tournaments
Every effort is made to hold them as shotguns on Mondays. An Outside Tournament is one in which the majority of participants are not Club members (excluding ‘Invitational’ events). Outside Tournaments are limited and controlled by Board policy. All outside tournament participants must follow the same policies as members with respect to dress code, cell phone usage, code of conduct etc.

Member-Sponsored Small Group Golf Functions (up to 24 golfers). These small groups will be provided a golf and meal package. Booking of these functions will be during the least busy time periods.
Leaves of Absence
A leave of absence may be granted to Members in good standing for either medical or specific personal reasons. Leaves apply to golf memberships only and must be applied for in writing and approved by the Board of Directors. Policy details are available from the Business Office, or Membership Coordinator.
The staff of the Barrie Country Club are under the direct supervision of the managers of the Club. Members are asked not to reprimand staff or in any way interfere with their duties. Concerns, complaints or suggestions are to be directed to the Director of Golf or  Clubhouse Manager.
Dogs and Pets
Pets are not allowed in the Club House or on the golf course at any time.
Lost or Stolen Property
The Barrie Country Club Limited will not be responsible for loss or damage to the property of Members or their Guests, but will take reasonable precautions to prevent occurrences. Lost and found inquiries can be made at the Business office and Club Storage.
Cancellation Notice
Members who have signed up for a Club event and do not cancel 48 hours before the event will be billed for that event.
Any violation of the POLICIES OF THE CLUB are to be reported to the Director of Golf or Clubhouse Manager. Failure to comply with Club policies may result in the cancellation of Club privileges. THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MAY AMEND THESE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES AT ANY TIME.

Copies of the BCC Member Policy Handbook are available online.